One writes a blog, of course …

What does one do when they have spent six months overseas, on the other side of the world, and have returned with thousands of photographs and just as many weird/funny/fascinating/disturbing (yes, disturbing) stories to tell?  When they come home and realise that they have returned inherently altered and that they have caught it.  Yes, they have caught the bug, the illness, the wanderlust which feeds their irrepressible thirst for adventure and manifests itself in a severe longing to battle inexplicably long passport queues and tiresome flights just so that they may set foot on foreign soil once more.

Well, when one realises this, they regret not writing a blog, of course.  Then they justify themselves, insisting that they were far too busy “enjoying life” and “experiencing the world” to sit at their small desk in their bare college room and ignore the array of new and exciting stimuli.  For what rational uni student could resist the lure of late-night coffee in dim rooms, the loud boisterous cries of beer-pong tournaments, the delicious beauty of winter chocolate markets and the promising whisper of cheap cocktails and food?

So, one such university student returns.  They find themselves desperate to immerse themselves in memory, and curse their laziness at not keeping more detailed records of their adventures, and then realise that they would have significantly fewer memories to reflect upon had they taken the time to record every single occurrence, and then once again curse because they are convinced that they will one day grow old and struggle to remember.  And what a terrible thing that would be really, to begin to forget the months which so incredibly shaped your adult life.

Well, when one thinks and feels all this, there is only one option, really.  They write the blog.  Because who ever said that the blog had to reflect the immediate present?  Why not record the months past?  Why not intermingle the present and the remembered to create a new reality, to focus on the life experienced and the story told without being pedantic about the chronology?

And so, it is from this foundation that we shall begin.