Day Trip to Wisemans Ferry

8th November, 2020

Over the weekend, my parents decided to take the old Val’ out for a spin, and I invited myself along for the drive out to Wisemans Ferry. We cruised through farms and gorgeous properties to reach our destination, a small sleepy town which reminds me of decades past.

Upon arriving, we pulled up to the Wisemans Ferry Inn and stepped out of the car into the old building.

First point of call was to grab a table and a nice beverage, which for me happened to be a lovely double glass of pinot noir. I sat back, took a sip and well and truly relaxed.

After a hearty lunch of burgers and chips, we wandered down to the ferry just in time to see it kick into action, before returning to the car – still full of food and well-sated – to begin the scenic drive home.

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