South Coast Road Trip Stop Nine: Kangaroo Valley

16 July, 2020

On my way back to Sydney, I made my way through Kangaroo Valley. As the road began to climb, I passed a sign for Camberwarra Mountain. I had often passed the turn-off for the lookout, but had never actually made the journey. There, on the spot, I decided that today was the day.

When I came to the sharp turn off, I took a hard right and began to crawl up the narrow and shady road which wound up to Camberwarra Mountain Loookout.

The drive up to the lookout definitely put me on edge. The road was thin and winding, and whenever a car approached from the opposite direction, I had to move aside and slow right down.

But when I arrived, I was so glad to have made the detour.

It was late afternoon and the lowering sun was beginning to throw a golden glow through the leaves of the surrounding trees. I stepped out of my car and made my way through the small but beautiful garden.

As I approached the rolling hill which sloped down the mountainside, the cold wind nipped at my face and hands. The view was stunning:

The landscape spread out below me, the clouds throwing patterns of shade and sun over the land as they shifted above us. It was beautiful.

After several moments of admiration, I climbed back into my car and made my (slow) way back down the mountain and into the Valley, as the sun continued to crawl towards the horizon, casting a glow over the road.

Kangaroo Valley was quiet and still. My hopes for an afternoon coffee were soon dashed, so I ate an orange in the sun, soaking up as much of these landscapes as I could.

Orange eaten, and evening approaching, I regretfully returned to the drivers seat and made my way back to Sydney, all the while ruminating on the wonders of the natural Australian landscape.

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