South Coast Road Trip Stop Eight: Bomaderry

16 July, 2020

As I did when driving down from Sydney, I decided to make the most of my trip back up and stop to see some places that I had never visited before. My first stop, I decided, would be Bernie’s Lookout in Bomaderry.

Just above Nowra, Bomaderry is quite small, and there are several walking tracks through the bush and by the weir. I set off with intrigue, having discovered only that morning that the walking tracks existed.

The path Bernie’s Lookout was lined with scrubs and wattle, and it was an easy and relaxing walk.

It took only about ten or fifteen minutes to reach the lookout, and when I arrived, I frolicked about a bit to check out the spot.

The edge of the lookout, which is a rock cliff with no fence, drops down to the stream below and offers a view of the park which stretches around the area. While not a stunning view, it is quite nice.

When I was done with my frolicking, I looped back up to the carpark, pleased with my little find. I ate a chocolate, took off my beanie, and set myself up in my car for the next leg of my journey.

Onward to Kangaroo Valley!

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