South Coast Road Trip Stop Seven: Vincentia

16 July, 2020

Home of my heart, and of my childhood. I’ve grown up visiting this place, and still, it leaves me awestruck.

After breakfasting on my balcony in the morning, I slipped on my shoes and my beanie, and made my way down to the water. It was grey and uninviting, but I loved it all the same. The smell of salt made my muscles relax, and I was quick to jump onto the sand and find a round rock to perch upon, nestling my feet between two rockpools.

A group of boogie boarders were making the most of the turbulent waters, catching waves which would normally be nonexistent in the usually calm bay. They had congregated just off the boat ramp and rode the waves alongside the rocks, tracing a short stretch of coastline.

I watched as they zoomed past me, salt spray peeling back from the waves and trailing through the air behind them. Every now and then, the cloud cover would break, warming my face and making me smile.

I saw several seasons while sitting on that beach. As the clouds above shifted, the water too shifted, from moody grey to dazzling blue. When the greyscale seemed most impenetrable, something would shift, and the azure sky would crack through, sunlight shooting down to touch the sand and my skin.

I walked along the shore, every now and then stopping to gaze out across the bay. And each an every time that I did, I was intensely glad to have come here.

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