South Coast Road Trip Stop Six: the Rest Stop

15 July, 2020

As I drove back along the highway, snaking my way north, I kept my eye out for a rest stop which had caught my attention on the drive down to Milton.

The golden afternoon sun poured through the trees and cast a beautiful glow over the road. I love driving at this time, when all the leaves assume golden halos and the light of the soon-to-set sun grants a gentle golden shine everything it touches.

And when I did spot the rest stop (quite at the last minute, in fact, as it was very small and not very well marked), the golden glow was abundant. Sharply turning off the road so that I wouldn’t miss the rest stop, I pulled over, grabbed my beanie and jacket, and stepped out.

Afternoon light pooled into the small space between the trees and the road, casting the whole scene with romantic beauty. To one side, a van stood, it’s engine rumbling softly. Every now and then, a car zipped past on the highway. But the noise was minimal, and the spot, despite its very close proximity to a main road, was peaceful.

I loitered around for several long moments, taking in and enjoying the scene.

I relished the rays of the sun peering through the leaves, the way they fell onto the ground and across the road. The way that the tiniest shoots peeking from the earth below my feet were illuminated in gold.

And when I realised that it would soon grow dark, I took one last lingering look, and then I was back in my car and back on the highway.

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