South Coast Road Trip Stop Four: Berry

15 July, 2020

Now, just as a road trip from Sydney down to the Shoalhaven is not complete without a stop at Kiama to see the blowhole, nor is it complete without a stop in Berry to pick up a fresh six pack from the Famous Berry Donut Van.

Seeing as I had not yet eaten at all and had been as yet incredibly unsuccessful in my hunt for food – not having been able to stop in Kiama or Gerringong, and then being unable to locate any food outlet in Gerroa – the thought of sweet, warm cinnamon-encrusted doughnuts was a very tempting one indeed.

Upon arriving in Berry and finding a parking spot, I ducked into the first café I stumbled across and ordered a coffee to go. Latte in hand, I struck out once again, heading down the road towards the legendary van which would provide the sugary goods.

If you are anywhere near Berry, do yourself a favour and stop by. The long lines are a testament to how good these doughnuts are!

Coffee now finished and with my sugary goods warm in my hand (and their sweet, tempting aroma filling my nostrils), I headed back up the main street towards a bakery I had passed on the way down.

As I walked, I noticed a marker which I had never really taken note of, and smiled, reminded simultaneously of home and of the escapist nature of my road trip:

At the bakery, I ordered a beef pie and bundled myself back in my car to escape the cold and revel in the delight of being able to indelicately tuck into a hot pie with no care as to who was watching.

Tummy now full, I took a bite of a still-warm doughnut and pulled out of the carpark, rejoining the main street and hitting the rainy road once more.

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