South Coast Road Trip Stop Three: Gerroa

15 July, 2020

“Population: 467”

That’s what the plain and underwhelming sign stated as I entered the coastal town of Gerroa.

So I should have guessed that it might not be the lunch spot I was hoping for. As I drove down the street and took in house after house, I noticed a sign reading “Post Office”.

Awesome, I thought, there are sure to be some stores and eateries there too.

Sadly, there were not. It was literally just a post office and a (very small) general store.

But, I did stumble upon this waterfront view:

The greyness persisting, even though the rain had briefly paused, the moody shorefront captured my attention. I sat before it for several long moments, rugged up in my puffed jacket and beanie. The water swirled before me, not angry, but definitely with attitude, and the cold air pressed against my face. The combination of the greyness, the salt spray and the lingering damp from the rain created a haze which coated the whole vista in a romantically temperamental glow.

As it began to sprinkle again, I walked back to my car and drove up the hill once again, trying to find the road which I had turned into upon entering Gerroa.

Instead, I got a little lost and found myself abruptly pulling over, the breath knocked out of me by yet another beautiful view.

A man sitting in a nearby car looked at me curiously, his attention drawn by my sudden stop. He gazed at me as I stepped out of my car, but I didn’t mind. My thoughts were absorbed by the scene before me, the frothy waves making their long rolling way to the shore, set against a backdrop of dark hills and trees.

My brief drive through Gerroa hadn’t offered the eateries and coffee that I had been hoping for – at least, not along the roads I had taken (and without Internet to search for them, what did I expect, really). But I left the little town full of soul food and with a desire to come back more prepared and with more time to explore.

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