South Coast Road Trip Stop Two: Gerringong

15 July, 2020

Gerringong is absolutely beautiful, but even more so when moody and grey. As I pulled into the coastal town, brooding clouds hung low and pedestrians hunched over in their coats.

I drove to the water and sat there for a while, watching the waves roll in from the restless ocean.

After a while, I walked along the beach up to the surf club to grab a bite to eat. Alas, I was just too late – they were closing! My only option was to drive back up to the main street and join the throng of tourists on the hunt for somewhere warm to eat.

I trudged back to my car, admiring the official “cleanest beach” in the Kiama Council area as I strolled past.

Back in my car, I had just hit the main road when the rain began to properly bucket down. Trawling slowly down the road and seeing no parking spaces, I resolved to press on, giving up my hopes for a warm meal – at least for the present.

Further adventure (and hopefully a drier lunch spot) awaited me!

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