South Coast Road Trip Stop One: Kiama

15 July, 2020

On the 15th July, I set off by myself, the data on my phone disconnected.

The plan: a two-day solo road trip.

The destination: Vincentia, Jervis Bay.

The reason: the pursuit of reflection and inner peace.

Now, a road trip from Sydney down to the Shoalhaven is not complete without a stop at Kiama to see the blowhole. On this occasion, I intended to stop briefly to take a fleeting peek at the water bursting through the rocks. However, when I stepped out of my car, it was something else which caught my attention.

The sheer noise of waves was astounding. The wind whipped around me, bringing salt spray from the waves which crashed under the headland, throwing themselves high into the air. Within moments, my car carried a veil of sea spray and I tasted salt on my lips.

It wasn’t the blowhole that captivated me but the almost-angry movement of the ocean on either side of the headland.

Against the backdrop if a grey sky, the sea was a swirling mess of deep blue water and frothing white foam which battered the dark rocks and then streamed off them to be drawn back into the churning water.

It was captivating.

When my nose was sufficiently cold, I huddled back into my car and switched on the wipers to clean the salt spray from my windows. Heater on, I rubbed my hands together for warmth.

I considered stopping on the main street for a coffee, but my drive through Kiama made it clear that parking would be a big issue. Instead, I decided to press on to Gerringong, only a few minutes away. I could have a nice coffee with my lunch, I decided.

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