Great places to eat and drink in Bologna (Part 2)

And so we continue our journey through the glorious foods of Bologna!

And as I said last week: happy eating and drinking! xx

Signor Vino

Signor Vino is a lovely restaurant in Piazza Maggiore. As is suggested by the name, there are many wines on offer, either to drink in the restaurant or to buy to take home.

The staff are lovely and charismatic, and the restaurant itself is really nice (though not too expensive).

One option is to sit outside and enjoy watching people in Piazza Maggiore; the other is to sit inside, either at a table or at the higher seats near the window also offer a great view.

My top tip is to grab a tagliere (go for the biggest one, 25 Euros, pictured below) and a “double glass” of wine.


This is a pasticceria and bar, but I would suggest going for an aperitivo one night. The aperitivo here costs only 11 Euro and you will receive a cocktail of your choice and then be able to enjoy the buffet dinner (which is very generous and includes pastries and desserts, as well as the usual savoury dishes).

Impero is also located centrally and is just near the Due Torri. The convenient location and the quality of the aperitivo mean that it can ge t busy here, particularly on weekends, so it is best to arrive around 7-ish to beat the crowds.

Bottega Portici

Located right next to the Due Torri, Bottega Portici boasts one of the best views in Bologna.

Meals are inexpensive and tasty. The pasta here is quite good and is made in-house – you can watch the cooks making the fresh pasta! I recommend the tagliatelle a ragù.

Top tip: grab a coffee/meal and take it up to level three (up to the outdoor balcony), where you can enjoy a view of the Due Torri and the bustling piazza below!


This is a nice café in the centre of town, not far from the Due Torri. There is a range of food options available, as well as pastries and coffees. Another bonus is the range of vegetarian and vegan options.

To check out the website, head to

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