Great places to eat and drink in Bologna (Part 1)

If you find yourself in the absolute haven of good food which is Bologna, be sure to hit up these spots for some quality eats.

Be aware: This is by no means an exhaustive list, and it is a list curated to suit a student lifestyle!

With that being said, happy eating xx

Pizza Due Torri

This is a must-try while in Bologna!

Funnily enough, Pizza Due Torri is located right under the Due Torri.

The shop is very small and sells pizza by the (very huge) slice for only 2 Euro – one slice is generally enough for lunch.

My advice is to grab a slice of pizza and then head across the road to sit in the piazza under the two towers and enjoy your delicious lunch (or snack)!

Recommendation: Any of the pizze with salsiccia (sausage), either on a white or red base, are generally really yummy, but my ultimate favourite is the white pizza with sausage and broccolini!

Mercato di Mezzo

Mercato di Mezzo is essentially a food court with fresh (and very good) food.

The seating area is open and you can pick and choose dishes from any of the different vendors and then sit in the middle. This is perfect for a casual lunch, and is an option which allows you to try various specialty dishes.

Top tip: Mercato di Mezzo also houses one of the few public bathrooms which is not monitored/restricted/by payment.  Of course, it is meant to be reserved for clients, but you technically can enter as a non-client.

Recommendation: You can’t go wrong with a piadina!


Yes, this is a crepe shop and yes, it is delicious!

There are two in Bologna – one is called BomboCrepe and one is BomboCrepe Due – the former has more choice in regard to crepe fillings, but the latter is “the original” and is said to be of higher quality.

Recommendation: Try a crepe with pistacchio or nocciola filling (or both)!

Mercato delle Erbe

Mercato delle Erbe is a food market during the day, filled with fresh produce. However, by night, it transforms into a hub of small eateries and you are able to buy all kinds of food and drinks in the wings of the building.

There are two main areas, one on either side of the market space, and each contains an open eating space where you can sample food and drink from any of the vendors.

Keep in mind, it does tend to get busy on weekends in the late evening, so get in quick!


A glorious celebration of Italian produce, agriculture, biodiversity and gastronomy, FICO is the largest food park in the world. The complex houses over 40 restaurants, each of which specialises in a particular type of food or ingredient.

There is a dedicated FICO shuttle bus which runs frequently between Bologna Centrale (the train station) and the site, so it is easily accessible.

Recommendations: Look out for pizza alla mortadella, tortellini con crema di parmiggiano e aceto (tortellini with parmesan cream and balsamic vinegar), a range of spritz flavours at the Fabbri exhibit, wonderful chocolates (pretty much everywhere), and fresh mozzarella di buffalo – among so many other wonderful things!

So much deliciousness!

You may have noticed that this is “Great places to eat and drink in Bologna (Part 1)“! Yes, ladies and gentlemen – there is more coming your way! Check in with us again next week for Part 2!

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