Afternoon dip in the pool

1st March, 2020

What a better way to end a day, most of which was spent hiking, than a dip in a swimming pool!

After our hike through the Grand Canyon Walking Track, my partner and I passed by Glenbrook for a swim.

We entered the National Park, grabbed our towels and left the car, walking down the trail to the Blue Pool.

Now, I won’t lie – it was not the beautiful, easy walk that I was expecting. I was poked and prodded by numerous branches and had to scramble over many rocks. It was not glamorous.

BUT, once we got there, I realised that it had been well worth it.

We had passed a couple other people on our way down (they had been on their way out), but when we arrived to the Blue Pool, we realised that we were the only ones in the absolutely beautiful spot – we had the swimming hole entirely to ourselves!

(Well, apart from the eel who decided to startle my partner, but hey – that’s the beauty and fun of Mother Nature!)

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