The Archiginnasio

There is so much to do and eat in Bologna!

But while you are there – in between your panini con mortadella and tortellini – make sure to visit the Archiginnasio.

Located only a couple minutes from Piazza Maggiore, the first university building in Bologna is both beautiful and open to the public. The building, which now houses the Municipal Library, has been very well maintained.

The building is absolutely stunning and the interior walls are lavishly decorated with the names of students and professors of the past.

While visiting, take the opportunity to sit inside the amazing wooden Anatomical Theatre. Entry to this historical classroom will cost you only 3 Euros, and it is absolutely worth every cent. The elaborate wooden walls and ceilings are incredible, and each inch of the classroom is infused with historical or mythical meaning.

You can also visit one of the lecture halls, Stabat Mater Lecture Hall, which is still (on occasion) in use today. The walls are lined with bookshelves, and the walls are again decorated with the names of professors and students.

Through a little door to the side of the lecture hall, you can also peer into the library, which is also beautifully decorated:

If you would like to plan a visit to the Archiginnasio or to learn more about the beautiful building and its history, you can find out more on its Bologna Welcome page or on the website of the Biblioteca Comunale (the Municipal Library).

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