Day Trip to Byron Bay

31st August, 2019

On a recent trip up north to Kirra Beach, my family and I decided to spend a day in Byron Bay.

Byron strikes a cool balance between the classic relaxed vibe and being a hubbub of activity. We crossed the rainbow bridge and drove into the centre of town, windows down and sun spilling through, my sister playing her ‘chill’ playlist on Spotify.

Our first stop was the Cape Byron Lighthouse. The views were beautiful, and hey – there ain’t nothing wrong with looking out at the ocean as dolphins frolic beneath you and just a little further out, whales breach.

While we were there, we walked out to the most eastern point of Australia, and – this won’t surprise you – the beautiful views did not stop.

As my father is an avid fan of Bob McTavish, our next stop was the McTavish Factory Showroom and Café, located just off the main road. We wandered through the store and he browsed the boards, starry-eyed.

When we had all had a little bit of a wander around and a dream, we headed across the road to the Stone & Wood Brewery. It was awesome! The brewery was incredibly cool, the staff were all super friendly, and the beer was fantastic – and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like beer!

We ordered a mixed board so that we could try a few types of beer, and then grabbed some food too – a cheese platter and roasted potatoes.

The fact that the brewery was packed is a testament to the business. There were beer tours running as well, and the shop offered Stone & Wood’s range of beers as well as clothing and accessories. We made a couple purchases and then headed off once more to have a walk down the main road.

To finish off the day, we each grabbed an ice-cream and sat on the beach to enjoy the sun and soak up a few more beach rays before we headed off.

If you are interested in visiting any of the places mentioned above, check out the links below for more information:

Cape Byron Lighthouse

McTavish Surfboards

Stone & Wood Brewery

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