Unexpected adventures feat. lilies

9th September, 2019

Sometimes the most beautiful adventures are those unexpected ones which are had close to home.

A few days ago, my partner informed me that he had found some lilies while walking near his home in Roseville, and he wanted to show me.

We drove down to a tiny little car park (which I had never really noticed, even though I had passed it numerous times while driving to his house), and stepped out onto a little boardwalk between the trees.

It was beautiful. Trees climbed tall and meet high over our heads, the light of the soon-to-be-setting sun dappled through the leaves. Vines twined around trunks, through branches, between boughs, and fell gracefully downwards, looping to form little curtains between branches.

We were only on the boardwalk for a few minutes when he told me, “This is it”, and – as he often does – stepped off the path and through the trees. I sighed a little, but followed him in anticipation.

A little creek wove through the trees, and greenery seemed to sprout from everywhere. We wound through, leaping over the water and following a vague path which had been traced through the trees.

After several moments, we stepped into a clearing. It took my breath away.

The grass was high, and trees surrounded us, and in this clearing large clusters of lilies jumped from the earth at odd intervals.

The clearing was not far from the road, but the sound of passing cars was soft – you could forget that they were there. I did for a while, in my excitement and wonder.

The whole place was reminiscent of a fairy tale, or a children’s storybook. Walking through the trees and into the clearing, surrounded by so many different plants and by birdsong, was surreal.

I appreciated once more that some of the travels that are the most wondrous and closest to heart are those which are not too far from our doorsteps.

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