A Peek at the Duomo di Modena

2nd May, 2019

The Duomo di Modena is simply gorgeous. If the beautiful city of Modena itself wasn’t enough to encourage a visit, then the Duomo should definitely inspire you!

Otherwise known by its full name Cattedrale Metropolitana di Santa Maria Assunta e San Geminiano (translation: Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption and Saint Geminianus), the Duomo is a city highlight which merits a visit not only inside the church, but also up the bell tower, called the Torre della Ghirlandina (also known more simply as la Ghirlandina).

Just look at this beautiful Cathedral:

The Cathedral is located between Piazza Duomo and the main piazza of Modena, Piazza Grande. There are surrounding Piazza Grande and Palazzo Comunale (Council Building), which houses some beautiful rooms which are accessible to the public, is also located just behind the Duomo.

From any angle, the Duomo is a beautiful building. Just look at this entrance:

And these angles:


La Ghirlandina, the bell tower of the Duomo, is most definitely worth a visit. Once again, let us just appreciate this beauty for a moment:

The climb up the tower is a little dim and internally, la Ghirlandina doesn’t look like the most inviting place in the world. Case in point:

But you can also see below that some of the ceilings are beautiful, and to be honest, the walk up the staircase does not take long. Once you are at the top, the bell tower offers beautiful views of the city below, so it is definitely worth the climb!

If you want to check out the inside of the Duomo, UNESCO offers a virtual tour: http://www.unesco.modena.it/en?set_language=en#null

If you are interested in visiting the Duomo or want to find out more information, the UNESCO link above also offers information regarding how to get there, ticket pricing, a multimedia gallery, and teaching resources, among other wonderful resources. You can visit the official site of the Duomo for more information: https://www.visitmodena.it/english/tourist-information/discover-the-area/art-and-culture/churches-baptisteries/the-cathedral

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