Wandering through the Blue Mountains

April, 2019

Look, I am by no means a hiker/camper/outdoors person. At all.

But I don’t mind a day out in the great outdoors, and – I have to say – the Blue Mountains is a really lovely place for it.

Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to take a day trip out past Kurrajong. I left the schedule for the day entirely in his far more capable hands, trusting his superior knowledge of the Mountains and the aforementioned great outdoors in general.

The effect of this was that we had one of the most busy and wonderful days ever.

Our first stop was the Kurrajong Bark Park and Café BCM.  The café is a coffee/food van which sits next to the off-leash dog park, and the staff are just so friendly and lovely!  Can I just declare – there is nothing quite so lovely as standing on a hill which looks out over the mountains watching dogs play in the park and sipping on a fresh coffee.  You can read more about this amazing park and café here.

Kurrajong Bark Park

We then had a picnic lunch on an escarpment a bit further into the Mountains (I’m not sure of the exact location).  But hey, lunch isn’t bad when you get to look over valleys and cliffs (even though we were more than a little windswept).  The view was absolutely stunning, and I was absolutely enchanted.  The walk towards our picnic spot was also beautiful and was therefore nearly dangerous – I was so busy gazing at my surroundings that I consistently ran the risk of tripping!

the view from our lunch spot

After lunch, we drove to the Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens at Mount Torah and wandered around the different sections of the garden.  The Gardens are wonderful and there is a beautiful array of flora.  We spent a while wandering about and enjoying the sunshine, blissfully relaxed.

Blue Mountains Botanical Gardens at Mount Torah

Afterwards, we drove back down through Bilpin and stopped by to taste some apple cider at the Bilpin Cider Company. Check out their awesome range – my personal favourite was the fresh and sweet Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider!

Bilpin Cider

We were also able to wander down through the gardens and near the orchard, where we made some new friends!

Kurrajong was our last stop. We had drinks and an early dinner at the Archibald, a modest pub with views overlooking the Sydney basin. We rugged up (it was getting a bit cold) and grabbed a table outside, and before we left, we stopped at the lookout just down the road to watch the sky grow dark.

watching the sun set over Sydney

When we finally returned home, we were comfortably worn out and quite chuffed that we had managed to do so many fun things in the one day!

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