Ponte Coperto, Pavia

While I was in Pavia, I stayed in Borgo Ticino, which lays right near the river. The Ponte Coperto – or, the “Covered Bridge” – crosses the river and offered some lovely views over the course of my stay.

It was quite rainy and cloudy for most of the time, leading to the following views, which while grey, are still beautiful:

However, we did get some sunny days!

We even got a brave (it was cold and raining) camper at one point!

you can spot the camper in the lower right corner

My evening walks back home also led to some lovely sunset shots from the other side of the bridge, which I very much enjoyed!

And at night, the bridge itself was quite beautiful, particularly with the Duomo illuminated in the background!

All in all, I quite liked my time by the river! Although the location wasn’t in the centre of Pavia, the walk into the city was only short and I was quite happy to cross the beautiful Ponte Coperto every day!

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