Celano beje me!

23rd to 25th April, 2019

Celano is the town in which my grandfather grew up. It is also the town in which my sister and I are registered as Italian citizens.

However, although we have visited Celano several times over the years, we had never stayed there and experienced what it is like to live – even for a short time – in the paese.

After Easter, my sister and I took the train from Rome to Avezzano, and then our Zia picked us up from the station and took us to Celano, where we would stay for a few days.

As we neared, the castle at the very top of Celano became clear, rising above the little houses which surround it. Zia took us for a drive through the streets and I was taken aback. Celano was once a town – it is now a city, and much larger than I had expected.

Once we had settled in to our accommodation, we took a walk around and I was struck once again. This paese is beautiful. I expected to enjoy being in Celano, but it immediately struck a chord with me. I was enamoured and enchanted.

This paese is beautiful, and this paese is part of my history.

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