The Burgers of New Zealand

It is a truth universally acknowledged that New Zealand does fantastic burgers.  I mean, really, really, really good burgers!

Below are a few of our favourite burger joints in NZ, so that you too can visit and enjoy their culinary delights!



Gourmet Burger and Brew Kitchen

City: Auckland

Location:  139 Quay Street



This place was so funky!  Latin music greeted us as we stepped inside and there was a very cool vibe to the place.  The burgers were huge and we were so happy with them!  They were the size of our faces!  Not to mention that they tasted incredibly fresh, as if we were eating at our grandmother’s house – that is, if our grandmother were to own a vibing South American-style restaurant.


“I never knew burgers could be so big!” – my sister

“The burgers are bigger than the Spanish economy!” – my father




City:  Queenstown

Location:  42 Shotover Street



In short, Fergburger is amazing!  The range of burgers is fantastic and everything on the menu seems mouth-watering.  The fact that there is a line down the street each night is a testament to the quality of the burgers.  They are absolutely delicious, and continue to encourage people to return for more!  I would even go so far as to say that these are the best burgers we have had!


“I never knew burgers could taste so good!” – my sister

“Worth the wait!” – my mother

“Worth the trip, worth the wait!” – my father

“Would consider buying a ticket to NZ just for the Ferg.  That’s how worth it it is!” – my sister



Ekim Burgers

City: Wellington

Location:  257 Cuba St, Te Aro

Review:  Ekim’s burgers are simple and absolutely delish.  Running out of a food truck, the staff make all burgers fresh and they are very tasty!  My advice is to try anything with the beetroot relish – delicious!  The venue is simple and relaxed, like the food, and it is a very chill place to lay back with some food and a drink. The burgers also carry the names of people, which makes it all the more fun, and there is a while list of sides to add to your meal if you are still feeling hungry.




Other notable mentions:

Speight’s Ale House in Wanaka also had good burgers and a fantastic view to suit!  Speight’s is a chain and can be found across the North and South Island.

The details for the Wanaka chain can be found here:

Laundry in Wellington is a really cool venue with funky decor.  The bar is uber-cool and the burgers (among other food items) are yummy.  Staff are also extra friendly and up for a chat, which is awesome.

You can find Laundry at 240 Cuba Street, Te Aro.  The website is:

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