Bars on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

We recently went down to Melbourne for a girls’ trip over New Years and we stayed in Fitzroy, an area of Melbourne which I had not yet explored. I absolutely loved the popping vibe and vibrancy of Brunswick Street, the delicious goodness served in the cafés and the live music pouring onto the street from the bars of an evening.

Here are some of the places we hit up which I would definitely recommend and would love to return to!

Baxter’s Lot

If you want to hit up the live music scene, this is the place to go. As you pass Baxter’s, the music poring from the doorway will lure you in. If you aren’t the dancing type, take a seat on the couch and appreciate the astounding vocals and energy of the fantastic local musicians who tear up a storm.

Combine that awesome vibe with delicious cocktails such as Nana’s Apple Pie, Lock Up Your Sons, and Bee Sting, you are set for a very entertaining night!

Address: 302 Brunswick Street


The Provincial

The rooftop bar at the Provincial is a lovely place to pass an afternoon. It is a comfortable and open space, and the staff are ready to recommend a fantastic drink. Kick back and watch the sun set over Fitzroy, then head downstairs for kick-ons and a dance. At night, this place is pumping and packed with people, so it’s a great place to hit up on a night out or pub crawl.

Address: 299 Brunswick Street



Fitzroy Social

This is a fantastic place to hit up while in Fitzroy. Get the gang together and get stuck into the cocktail jugs – I recommend Summer’s Passion for a fresh afternoon drink. There are also four frozen cocktails on tap (including frosé and piña colada – yay!) and the food is also quite nice, so get your friends together, head on down, grab yourselves a booth and enjoy!

Address: 222 Brunswick Street



Naked for Satan

Naked for Satan is a multi-story bar which oozes fabulousness. If you are looking for somewhere a little bit fancy, head on down and take the lift up to the rooftop bar and restaurant area.

I cannot remember ever seeing such an exhaustive drinks menu anywhere. The range of drinks is unbelievable, and you will need some time to go through the whole menu before deciding on what it is that you would like to try.

If you are going in a large group and wish to grab a place to sit, make sure to head over early – it does get quite busy over the weekend!

Address: 285 Brunswick Street



The Night Cat

Okay, so this one technically isn’t on Brunswick Street, but it does deserve a mention and it is right around the corner, so it counts, okay?

If you are looking to enjoy some live music, this is another place to keep on your radar. There isn’t an extensive drinks menu, but this is a great place to dance. There are a range of styles being played throughout the month, so keep tabs on upcoming events and head down for a fun night!

Address: 137 – 141 Johnston Street


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