Where to brunch in Fitzroy

What does the gang love to do during a girls’ trip to Melbourne?

Yup, you got it! Brunch!

We recently stayed in Fitzroy, Melbourne, for a few days and we were able to find some cute spots to provide us with our morning coffee and
delicious breakfasts/brunches.

Read on to find out where to go to find the perfect morning pick-me-up in Fitzroy!

Sir Charles

This lovely café invited us warmly with its open space, plant life and modern decor. The interior is very spacious and well-lit, so the atmosphere is very relaxed and airy.

Brunch was absolutely delicious and all four of us were very impressed with our meals. The meals were beautifully presented (very Instagram-able!) and tasted even better. There is a range of food available to satisfy all your cravings, and you are sure to have trouble choosing from the menu. Highlights include a range of eggs Benedict options (why have only one choice, am I right?), breakfast greens for those who want a fresh start to the day, and the bright and honey-drizzled home-made coconut yoghurt.

Aside from coffee, Sir Charles also have a range of fresh juices and smoothies available to compliment their fresh meals.

This is definitely a great place to check out if you are looking for a satisfying and fresh start to your day!

Location: 121 Johnston Street

Recommended eats: The Smash (think classic smashed avocado, but double the avocado, and add poached eggs, crumbed cauliflower and dukkuh)

Website: https://sircharlesfitzroy.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sircharlesfitzroy/

The Smash with the Almighty Carrot, Turmeric and Orange juice

The Fitz Café

Situated on the corner of Brunswick Street and Kerr Street, the Fitz is very cute. Grab a booth if you can so that you can watch passersby as you brunch!

Although the Fitz is known for its burgers, the café also does a great brunch with all your faves, plus some more unusual dishes such as the Flamingo Bake and the Coconut Panacotta. With yummy breakfast treats like these on the menu, you are bound to find something to make your tummy grumble!

Can’t decide? They also offer the Fitz Breaky Board with samples of a few dishes.

Check out the fresh juices available – they are a perfect choice for someone who wants to jump-start their morning, or recover from the previous night!

Location: 347 Brunswick Street

Recommended eats: Pesto Eggs Benedict – who knew that a little bit of pesto could revolutionise a dish?

Website: https://thefitz.com.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefitzcafe/

Pesto Eggs Benedict with a tumeric juice blend

Elektra Café

One of the only places that was open on New Years Day, this little Nepalese café is really cute and serves delicious coffee!

The menu reflects the Nepalese culture, with dishes such as Crushed Avo-mandu, Mandala Pancake, the Kathmandu Goat Burger, Nep Gringo and Everest Benedict. The dishes are popping with colour and flavour. Friends recommend the “life-changing” Gurkhali Fritters, and there is also a range of fresh wraps and pastries available. I had the Haloumi Breakfast Wrap and was very content!

The coffee is a Himalayan blend and the staff are incredibly friendly, so although Elektra is small, it should not be overlooked!

Location: 268 Brunswick Street

Recommended eats: Gurkhali Fritters (comments from my friends include: “best fritters ever” and “life-changing”)

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