Desert Safari Part 3: Post-Dinner Activities

There is something entirely magical about laying on a thick mat in the middle of the desert and gazing up at the stars.

The desert sky is quite unlike anything else.  Away from the brightness and glitz (and light pollution) of Dubai, the stars were left to sparkle.  And oh my, weren’t there a lot of stars!  As I lay on the dunes, gazing up at the immensity of matter above me, I was quite taken aback.  I felt incredibly small and insignificant, but entirely at peace and in awe of it all.

One of the guides spent some time pointing out all the constellations and telling us stories about them and how the Bedouins would use the starts to navigate the vast desert.  We were even able to have a look at Saturn through a telescope, which was fantastic!

Laying there in the warm desert night air, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the thousands of stars above me, I was entirely relaxed.  When we returned to the camp, it was with a little pang of disappointment that I brushed off the sand and slipped my sandals back on.

We returned back to the camp where fruit platters were being served and the shisha being prepared.  We sat down in little groups on mats, making the most of the last hour or so of our time in the camp.  I joined the couple from my camel train and chatted to them about life in the States and their time in Dubai.  We ate nibbled on fruit and lgeimat (delicious Arabic donuts) and shared travel stories – not a bad way to pass the evening!

When it was finally time to head back to the city, we jumped back into the Land Rovers for another wild spin over the dunes.  This time, in the darkness, the high-speed journey was even more exhilarating than the first time (which I had not thought possible!) and I bounced on my seat, watching the tiny headlights of the other vehicles bound over the dunes around us.

I arrived in Dubai determined to ride a camel, but the whole experience was so much more.  I returned to the hotel entirely satisfied.  I was worn from the sun, full of food, and glowing from the lovely compliments and comments with which the hotel staff greeted the fresh henna stain on my arm.

The desert safari truly is an unmissable experience and I cannot recommend it enough!

For more details about the Platinum Heritage Desert Safari and to make a booking, visit

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