Desert Safari Part 1: Traversing the Desert

In planning my trip to Dubai, there was one thing which I wanted to do no matter what: a camel desert safari.

The camel safari is one of the most unique experiences available to visitors to Dubai, and every post, photo and review raved about how unbelievable these experiences were.

I was so excited.  I was so pumped.

I wanted to ride a camel through the dunes of the desert and sit down to an Arabian feast under a starry sky.

I had visions of myself atop a camel, hair lightly blowing behind me, princess-like and poised.  The reality was much less glamorous, but by no means less awesome.

We were picked up from our hotels and then driven through the city and out into the desert, our fantastic guide telling us stories and pointing out a camel race along the way.  Once we reached the meeting point, we were able to meet our camel friends!


The guides helped us to wrap our headscarves and showed us how to flip the fabric across to cover our mouths in the case of wind.

Then came the time to finally mount the camels!  We clamoured on (very ungracefully in my case) and leant as far back as possible as they stood from the sand.  I felt my body wobble and my heart skipped a beat, but then we were up and standing, and our camel train was ready to go!


To be fair, the camel ride was not exactly comfortable.  I spent a lot of time concentrating on not losing feeling in my butt and trying not to wobble too much.  But once I relaxed, it was majestic and stunning and awe-inspiring, and I think these pictures speak for themselves:

After our 45-minute camel ride through the dunes, we settled down to some date juice to watch a falconry display.  As we sat on a large mat on the dunes and watched the falcon swoop and dive around us, the sun set in the background, casting an orange glow over the landscape.

In the twilight, we jumped into the vintage 1950’s Land Rovers which awaited us and then zipped through the dunes on our way towards the Bedouin camp where we would spend the rest of the night.  I laughed and gasped as we bumped through the sand, my headscarf flapping in the wind behind me.

Several minutes later, we arrived at the camp.

Part 2 of the amazing Desert Safari experience will be up on the blog next week.  Prepare to be hungry, folks, because I will be telling you all about the absolutely amazing feast we enjoyed under the star-studded Arabian sky.

Until then, let this photo inspire your own fantasies of desert adventures:


For more details about the Platinum Heritage Desert Safari and to make a booking, visit

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