The magical world of Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is stunning and incredibly overwhelming.  Part theme-park, part-shopping centre, it is a magical place in which one could easily pass an entire day.

There are so many things to do here!  I managed to visit the Mall three times in three days, and there were still many attractions and stores which I missed.  The extent of the Mall is astounding,  particularly when one remembers that this is only one of the many malls in Dubai!

Highlights include the funky Ice Rink with pumping cool tunes to skate along to, and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Yes.  Aquarium.  And Underwater Zoo.

The grand structure stretches over several levels and it is an incredible sight.



But this is not all, folks!  There are many more attractions to explore.  The Dubai Mall is home a VR Park and an Emirates A380 flight simulator called the A380 Experience!

The Atrium of the Mall also houses a mega-replica of Dubai Creek Tower which entertains visitors with daily light and sound experiences.  KidZania, a child-sized city, provides a fun space for kids, while the haunted attraction Hysteria might interest those interested in the spooky and the horrific.

In addition, Dubai Mall’s Ground Floor includes a Souk in which a variety of traditional stores sell beautiful scarfs, sweets and other goods.  One fabulous restaurant to try here is Mado – for those with a sweet tooth, the knafeh is amazing!  In the middle of the Souk sits the Dubai Dino, yet another attraction for visitors to the Dubai Mall!

The Human Waterfall is another draw-card and an impressive sight to see.  It is a beautiful indoor waterfall which incorporates statues of diving humans.  Close to the Waterfall, there is the lovely TWG Tea Salon & Boutique, a small cafe which serves traditional sweets and teas.


Combine with these numerous amazing attractions the soaring ceilings, beautiful decor and sparkling storefronts, and the whole Mall exudes glamour, luxury, excess and money (I counted three Versace stores!).

There is so much happening and so many things to see in Dubai Mall that I even got lost at one point!  You can read all about the mildly traumatic experience here.

For more information regarding some of the attractions mentioned above, you can see the following: A380 ExperienceVR Park and Dubai Dino.

Aside from these indoor attractions, there are also other tourist sites attached to Dubai Mall.


In the pool surrounding the Mall is the Dubai Fountain, the perfect attraction to visit before or after dinner.  The music and light show runs ever half an hour and it is incredibly fun and impressive!

The Burj Khalifa also rises from the Mall and is accessed from the Lower Ground Floor.  The ‘At the Top’ Experience offers unique views of the city and insight into how the world’s tallest building was designed and constructed.  With these incredible views, it is definitely one of the “must-do” experiences, and you can access more information and book tickets here.

Evidently, the Dubai Mall is a hub of activity and is a place which you cannot miss in a trip to Dubai.  There so many things to see, activities to participate in, experiences to join and places to eat – and I haven’t mentioned the actual shopping even once in this post!

What this all demonstrates is that the Mall is so much more than a shopping centre – it is a tourist attraction in and of itself, a complex of attractions and experiences geared towards making your visit as memorable as possible.

My advice is to take your time to explore and to make the most of all that is on offer – you never know just what you might come across!

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