Byron Bay: the grandparent edition

Dear readers, we pick up where we left off last week, driving out of Nimbin, and so continues our road trip with our grandparents!

We had a quick change of driver, Gran jumping into the driver’s seat to give Pa a break for the afternoon:


Then we were on to Byron Bay!  As we turned off the highway and entered Byron, I got the sense that this was where very cool people came to stay.  There were nice cafes and funky hostels, and everyone looked like a surfer or a young tourist.  I loved it.

The first thing we did was drive up to check out the lighthouse and the views.  We got a few drops of rain, but it was gorgeous!  The blue of the ocean was magnificent, and it was such a relaxing spot, looking out over the waves crashing below while the breeze gently played with our hair.  I felt incredibly calm and was so happy that we had stopped by.

We took a stroll around to appreciate the view from all angles and take a few photos (we were teaching Granny and Pa how to take great selfies).  Then we made our way back to the car and drove back down to the town centre, where our lighthouse explorations were followed by a walk around town.

The sun was once again shining and we were loving it.  We walked around the town, taking in all the funky-looking young tourists and cool surfer dudes who were walking past us.  When we had completed our rounds, we decided to go on a hunt for lunch!

We decided to eat at a really cute cafe at which we all ordered the exact same burger, causing the waitress to giggle.  When lunch was over, we piled back in the car and finally made our way home.

The day was coming to a close, and we had spent it all road tripping with our grandparents!

Finally, as a sentiment which I think encapsulated the day and our whole Nimbin-Byron adventure, can we please just take a moment to appreciate my Pa’s amazing t-shirt:


Yes, Pa.  They do indeed.

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