Travelling with my dad

Father’s Day is this weekend – wooh!  Big shout out to my old man for this special day!

In light of the occasion, I wanted to make today’s post all about the amazing man who puts up with us three crazy women on a daily basis.

Not only is he our personal chauffeur while we’re at home, but this man has driven us around the world, braving the crazy streets of Rome and rapping along with us from the front seat as we cruise around Hawaiian islands.  He has even skrt-skrt-ed (rather haphazardly, after a couple cocktails) around Hamilton Island on a buggy!


He is a headstand connoisseur, sure to draw smiles and giggles not only from his immediate family as we snap pics for his Insta, but also from the passersby who are constantly amazed and entertained at his upside-down antics.

Whether he is making friends with cockatoos on Hamilton Island, adventure caving with me through plugholes in the Blue Mountains, teaching us to surf on the south coast, or finding crocs in the rivers of Cairns, our father has done it all with us!

We’ve hiked Hawaiian volcanoes together, Papà encouraging us and checking up on us the whole time that we struggled along the track.

Hiking Koko Head Crater, Oahu, Hawaii

He has carried us around Europe on his shoulders, chased us down the mountainside on Queenstown’s Luge, and has even consented to take endless photos of my sister and I or our respective social media accounts.

In short, the man is a champion, both on holiday and at home!

So Happy Father’s Day to my awesome dad!  Thank you for fostering my love of travel and for all the wonderful memories along the way!







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