My sister is kinda the best

My little sister is hands down my best travelling buddy.  Despite our differences, we gel quite well.  I drag her around to cool cultural things and in return take a million and one amazing photos for her to post on Instagram.  We are evidently a match made in heaven.

Now she is about to move to Italy for a WHOLE YEAR to complete a university exchange program and I am going to miss her so incredibly much.

Who will be our DJ as we traverse foreign landscapes?  Who is going to take wonderful photos for my Intsa?  Who will groan as I suggest we visit yet another museum?

Here is a flashback to some of some of the greatest and most memorable travel moments that my little sis and I have shared, including sneaking on to the set of Hawaii 50, road-tripping to Nimbin with our grandparents, sipping cocktails on Hamilton Island and partying it up at music festivals.

Hopefully I will be able to join her in Europe at some point soon and we can embark on even more wild adventures!


Hawaii 2016







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