Why the people you meet along the way define your trip

There is always grand discussion surrounding young women travelling solo.

Aren’t you scared?

Is it safe?

Do you get lonely?

I am a staunch supporter of solo travel.  I understand completely that it is not for everyone, though I do believe that it is an incredibly rewarding experience which everyone should try at least once.  It has been in travelling by myself that I have had the most amazing experiences, not because I was able to see and do wonderful things by myself, but because I met fantastic and kind and generous people who lived these experiences with me.

It is the people who I have met along the way, the people I have been able to connect with through my travels, who have defined my experiences abroad.

In travelling alone, I have been able to meet new people and meet up with old friends.

In travelling alone, I met a bubbly Aussie and fellow travel-lover who took me to a crazy cocktail museum in the middle of Amsterdam.  We drank cocktails before lunch, ate food from the markets and then went to get our ears pierced together.

In travelling alone, I visited a friend in northern Italy and was treated to a guided hike through the Dolomites.  We ate panini on the banks of a lake in the glorious sunshine and then shared a strudel with a sugar-hungry bee.

In travelling alone, I was able to tag along on with my uncle, aunt and two gorgeous little girls on a family roadtrip through the beautiful English countryside.

I have watched local Danish handball matches and shared traditional lunches with the families of friends.  I have met fun-loving Mexicans who have danced the night away with me, and kind-hearted Italians who have invited me into their homes.  I have sat up until the early hours of the Danish morning laughing with an Aussie I had just met, on the other side of the world from our original Sydney homes.  I have gone for morning walks through Italian villages and had coffee and croissants with my girl gang of fellow walkers.

In striking out and leaving home by myself, I have never truly been alone.  There have always been lovely people waiting for me on the other side of the world, encouraging me to visit and to stay and to be with them for a while.  There have always been wonderfully open and fun people to meet and share stories with.

To me, that is the biggest perk of travelling alone – meeting and meeting up with people.  Not only am I able to connect with new people, but I am able to reconnect with friends and family, unhindered by anyone else’s schedule.

So here’s to all of you lovely humans who have made my travels what they are, and shout out to all the amazing individuals I am still yet to meet!  xx

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