Drinking across Europe

A 22-year-old Aussie travels to Europe.  Yes, she is most likely to sink a few drinks.  Surprisingly, most of mine were consumed alongside mildly-drunk family members who insisted on supplying me with alcohol!

Here is my wrap-up of the five most popular drinks which I tried on my latest European tour!


#1  Beer in Italy

For some reason, Italians LOVE beer.  I have no idea why, but they loooooooooove it.  Now, I am not a big drinker of beer – it’s not really my thing – but I couldn’t say no to having a few sips alongside my over-excited uncles while we danced along to Italian folk songs.


#2  Wine in Italy

Now, this one makes much more sense to me!  Italy, wine – it just all fits!

While I was in Italy, I went to a wine festival with my uncles and aunt.  We paid a small amount of money for a wine glass and three tickets (i.e. three drinks), and then wandered the streets, stopping at different stalls, to try different styles of wine.  There were also snacks on offer and a bit of live music, so it was a really fantastic experience.



#3  Pimms in the English countryside

There is nothing quite like watching the summer sun set over lush English fields while you stand, surrounded by flowers, at a garden party.  Add a glass of fruity Pimms to the mix, and the peaceful picture is complete!



#4  Beer (again) in Prague, Czech Republic

While I was in Prague, we went to a local brewery for a beer-tasting experience.  It was unlike anything I had expected!  I’m talking chocolate beer, strawberry beer, pepper beer … the crazy range of flavours was incredible!

Each new type of beer was offered to us in a little shot glass, just the right amount, though we sampled quite a few!  By the time we left, I needed a little lie down to recuperate!


#5  Whiskey on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland

While I was bussing around Scotland, we were taken to a family brewery to taste test some of their home-made whiskey.  At 10:30 in the morning, we had a couple sots of the stuff, and considering that it was blustery and cold outside, it went a long way in warming us all us!

IMG_2106 IMG_2110



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