Walking along the Berlin Wall

What remains of the Berlin Wall is something to be experienced.  Berlin is dotted with remnants of the once-imposing structure, and red bricks mark the path it cut through the city.

Despite the fact that the East Side Gallery has become a popular tourist attraction which people flock to for its artistic and “Instagram-able” merit, it also serves as a stark reminder of the city that Berlin once was and the imposed separation of its citizens.

The East Side Gallery is a place in which something which was so horrible has been transformed beautifully.  I was struck by the artworks which had been painted along the wall, and wandered up and down in awe, struggling to take it all in.

Some artworks burst with colour; others are subtlety grey.  Many bear messages of tolerance or remembrance, or make statements of a political nature.  All of the artworks are captivating, and the changing nature of the Gallery signifies that even frequent visitors can be surprised.

As the East Side Gallery is a visual space, it is best described in the same manner: visually.


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