Think donut.  Think Nutella.  Think strawberries and whipped cream.  This baby has it all!  For those of you still struggling to picture it, this is the Freak Shake of the doughnut world!

The trdelník is a pastry very similar to a doughnut.  It is a long strip of pastry which has been wrapped around a stick and then cooked and sugared, so it is essentially a cylindrical pastry with a hole in the middle.

Apparently, these beauties were traditionally served plain, but the rise of Instagram and humanity’s love of all things crazily-sugared has been attributed to the emergence of all sorts of these decorated treats.  You can choose classic Nutella, or Nutella with cream, or caramel, or strawberries, ice-cream, or whatever else they choose to offer!  Walking the streets of Prague, it was unusual to see anyone eating a trdelník that wasn’t overflowing with sugary goodness.  If you are spending the day out on the town and need a bit of a sugar burst/pick me up, this is definitely the go-to snack.


Take a look at more of these beauties here:

You can get these in the many cafes and food carts which dot the streets of Prague.  I got mine in a cute little café just next to the castle, but they are EVERYWHERE.

Note that they can be a bit filling (particularly the ones filled with Nutella and ice-cream), so sharing might be a good idea.

2 thoughts on “Trdelník 

  1. As a native Czech I have to put my comment here, as we hate trdelník, being the worst and most expensive dessert pretending to be traditional here. Imagine as you have liked it, how much more you will enjoy the real traditional Czech sweets as vetrnik, rakvicka, venecek, marcipanovy tunel, laskonka, indianek, koblihy, medovnik, kolace, and many many more … for just a third of the price :-).


    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. I cannot speak for everyone, and I understand that everyone has their own opinions, but I did enjoy it and did not find it expensive. Hopefully next time, I will also be able to try some more yummy sweets!

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