What to do in Auckland when it is pouring outside

11th February, 2018


Holidays do not always go to plan.  This is a universal fact, and hey, this is why I always encourage travel insurance!  But one thing travel insurance does not cover is the rain, which can limit the options available to you in terms of exploring a new place.

When we hit up Auckland, it was consistently rainy and foggy.  Consequently, we ruled out the SkyTower (we wouldn’t have been able to see anything) and I decided against bungy jumping (again, I want to be able to see clearly when I thrown myself off a bridge).


We had already wandered around town the day before and had already been wet and windswept, so we decided to do the one thing we usually never do when on family trips: have a day in.

We went for a little walk around town (dodging nearly-vertical rain as we did so), grabbed a nice, warm coffee, and then we hit the supermarket to build our supplies for the day.  Then it was back to the apartment to put some lunch together and settle in for a relaxing afternoon of recuperation and planning.


Wines in hand, we ate cheese and read up on Hobbiton (our stop for the next day) and just really chilled out.  On this trip, we had been constantly on the move – something we have never done together as a family – so it was actually so nice to slow down and reconnect.

I am usually the restless traveller, itching to be out and about, not wasting a moment of the daylight.  I like to see as many places as possible and experience as many things as possible.

But in Auckland, hanging out of the window of a high apartment, overlooking a raining cityscape with a glass of red wine in my hand and the cool breeze on my cheeks, I appreciated that days like this were just as important as the days spent out and about, hustling and bustling.

And hey, after all, who can say no to wine and dips?


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