7 travel poses that you need to master on the ASAP

My family and I have been conquering the world together for the past fifteen years.

Since we were children, my little sister and I have been tagging along on crazy world adventures and in this time, technology and social media have risen from something that was non-existent to tools which is frequently utilised by the travelling community.

Thus, over the years, we have become connoisseurs of the ‘travel selfie’ and pride ourselves on taking A-grade holiday snaps.

Here are my top seven poses for awesome travel photos which will show the world just how amazingly fun you are and make your friends sigh with travel envy!


1.  The jumping family

Honestly, my series of “jumping family” photos has been a fave both on Instagram and on Facebook.  Nothing screams “we are having so much fun” than you and your family jumping in the air like a bunch of crazy people in front of a beautiful landscape.  Add to that our hilarious facial expressions, and the result is photographic gold.


2.  The classic candid looking-into-the-distance shot

The perfect shots for your social media accounts, these angles have all the advantage of being able to capture gorgeous locations while also snapping you being in your element, enjoying the moment and doing your thing, whether this be enjoying the view, snapping a pic or otherwise.  These candid shots are fantastic to capture your wanderlust and immersion in your travels.


3.  Cute couple shots

Travelling with my parents has given me ample opportunity to snap some ultra cute moments.  These not only allow you to capture beautiful snippets of time, but also allow these sweet interactions to be accentuated by stunning/awesome settings.


4.  The HUGE laugh

Thank you to my sister – my soul’s best friend, my travel buddy, my crazy and fun bubble of joy and laughter.  These are the moments which make my holidays, and they are the perfect moments to demonstrate to the world the absolute cracker of a time we have when we travel together.


5.  Let’s hide behind things and then jump out from behind them

To really have fun with your travel snaps, interact with the environment around you.  Treat the landscape as a series of props and be silly with it.

When we are on holiday, we love to hide behind things and poke our heads out from behind them.  Literally.

Hey, the people around us think that we are crazy, but it makes for some cool shots!


6.  The handstand

This one goes out to my father, the champion of all us crazies.  The legend doesn’t even have Instagram, but he does have a solid photo series of these awesome snaps.  Want a memorable photo which will make other tourists copy you and give your family and friends a good laugh?  Look no further!

Update: his Instagram has been created!!!  Chuck him a ‘like’ and follow him at @dale.side.down.


7.  The cheeky child

Who said you can’t photobomb your parents, right?



So, happy travelling and happy photographing, from my family to yours! x


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