Journey to Milford Sound

9th February, 2018


Our journey to Milford Sound was just as – if not, more – incredible than exploring Milford Sound itself.  We travelled over mountains, past rivers, through thick foliage.  The places which we stopped to have a look at the scenery were absolutely gorgeous.

Take one of our first stops along the Englinton River as an example.  The river was small but undeniably stunning.  We stopped to have a wander and dip our hands in the very cold water.  Like most bodies of water in New Zealand, this little river was not warm to the touch.

New Zealand 2418

Another stop was at the Mirror Lakes, which were absolutely stunning.  The reflection of the mountains on the lake’s surface is more than impressive, and captivates visitors to the tranquil walkway which follows the lake’s edge.

New Zealand 2419


The Chasm was another stunning spot and once again we were awed by the incredible blue of New Zealand’s waterways as water pounded downwards and disappeared below us.

By the time we did get to Milford Sound, we had seen so much beauty already that we were well and truly in love with Fiordland National Park!

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