The cool serenity of Lake Tekapo

5th February, 2018


Lake Tekapo is wonderfully calm.  The town of Tekapo is only small and is dwarfed by the massive lake.  The whole setting, with the greenery and mountains surrounding the water, is impressive and is enough to leave you speechless.  But the waters of Lake Tekapo are really something else.

The incredibly blue colour of the Tekapo water is magical.  It is as though it has been dyed so that it looks like something out of a fairytale.

We rugged up – it was cold by the lake, even though it was summer – and went for a walk along the water side, joining the slow stream of tourists in scarves and parkas who wandered around.

Tekapo’s greatest attraction is the lake – apart from that, there is not much to do at all.  The effect is that tourists tend to amble about slowly, seemingly aimless, taking time to gaze at the mountains and the clear waters which they envelop.


There is a historic church, the Church of the Good Shepherd, which sits stop a hill which overlooks the lake.  The interdenominational church is tiny, and gloriously English in style.  It is also the only church in Tekapo!  It is still in use, and there is a long window just above the altar which displays the pristine waters of Lake Tekapo.  It’s a wonder that the parishioners aren’t constantly distracted by the view!

To reach the church from our accommodation, we crossed the Lake Tekapo Footbridge, an impressive structure more so for the panorama it offers than for any feature of the bridge itself.


Being on said bridge with such impressive scenery led to this photograph:


After our walk, we trundled back to our accommodation to warm our hands and hearts with a glass of wine and enjoy the lovely sunset.

When we awoke, it was just past six in the morning, and it was to the brightness of peachy rays of sun shooting around the curtains.  Once I’d seen the sun and the pink haze which had filled the sky, I knew that I wouldn’t get back to sleep, so I grabbed my baggy jumper, sat by the window, and watched the sunrise.  It was beginning to dawn on me that there really isn’t anything quite so magical as New Zealand in those brief moments between night and day.


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