Christchurch to Tekapo: Geraldine and Fairlie

5th February, 2018


It was day one of our road trip and as we drove from Christchurch to Tekapo, we made a few stops.  Apart from some random photo opportunities that we stumbled across (there was much pulling over to the side of the road in the middle of nowhere), we stopped in two towns.  The first of these was a little town called Geraldine, and the second in the even smaller Fairlie.

Geraldine is home to a charming Vintage Car and Machinery Museum.  To be honest, we weren’t expecting much from the museum, considering that the town was pretty small.  However, the museum was huge, spanning across seven sheds, and though I am in no way a fan of cars of machinery, even I was impressed by the collection!  Not only was it vast, but each car, tractor, truck, and every other piece of machinery they had collected was well-presented and in fantastic condition.



Papà was absolutely wrapt that we had stopped by, and even I – as someone who has no idea about anything cars and machinery – was impressed by the museum.

After we had spent a while looking around, we went into town and had some lunch at the Country Cafe, which served legendary Fairlie Pies – pies with REAL chunks of meat in them!!!  We were quickly learning that New Zealand does quite well in regards to food.

When we drove through Fairlie later that day, we stopped by the Fairlie Bakery (home of the Fairlie Pies) to grab a coffee and some breakfast for the following day.  The smell was amazing!  Everything in the bakery looked scrumptious and the fair amount of people inside served as a testament to the quality of the goods produced.

Finally, Mamma and Papà popped over to a small stone fruit stall to pick up some local fresh fruit (also something which we were eating lots of and enjoying in New Zealand), and then we were off again, on our way to Tekapo!

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