The start of our NZ road trip (feat. screaming at lakes)

5th February, 2018


Tekapo was our first lake.  That is, it was the first lake that we saw on our road trip of New Zealand.  We actually screamed.  Loudly.

Let me explain.

My parents, younger sister and I were road-tripping from Christchurch to Queenstown, with nights booked in Tekapo and Wanaka, and a series of other stops planned along the way.

We left Christchurch in the morning and punched in the address of the motel into the GPS.  It didn’t exist.  According to Google Maps, it did not exist either.  We could find a place with the name of the Motel, but the address was different.

*cue some panic*

When we all managed to relax and be rational humans, Papà selected the Tekapo Police Station, reasoning that this would be central to the small town and at least the police would be able to help us if we were still entirely lost by the time we got there.

We set off, ready to conquer the New Zealand roads.  We had been told by friends that one of the biggest problems on NZ roads was the fact that tourists get distracted by the scenery and crash.  This story was then confirmed by an NZ cop show that we watch sometimes.  So, when we set off, we were determined not to be those tourists.

New Zealand is incredibly beautiful, and it is dangerously easy to lose yourself in the scenery, even while you are driving.  How can you be unmoved as you pass grand mountain ranges, stunning panoramas and an endless showcase of Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit settings?

I’ll clarify.  We absolutely did not, fortunately, become those tourists.  But we had a renewed understanding and sympathy for them.

We made tracks, rolling past miles and miles of breathtaking and ultra-fake-looking scenery.  We stopped several times to capture some photos, lunched in Geraldine and paused in Fairlie.  Onwards we went, towards Tekapo.

At this point, we knew that we were getting close to Tekapo – the GPS was telling us so.  That being said, none of us were quite prepared for the sudden opening of the road in front of us.  One moment, the only scenery we could see were hills.  The next moment, the panorama opened up to encompass a massive aqua blue lake.  Instantly, the car erupted in noise as the four of us shouted various exclamations including and not limited to “Oh my God!” and “Holy s***!”

We realised that we were screaming, laughed, screamed some more, and pulled over at the first spot available so that we could jump out, run over and check out the lake.

The hunt for the motel was momentarily forgotten as we fawned and fangirled over the beautiful Lake Tekapo.  It is a majestic, beautiful sight.  The air was biting – it was colder here than it had been in Christchurch – but we ran through it regardless, stood on the side of the river, and gazed.  Imagine a surface of clear blue, flanked by imposing mountains.

Or even better, behold the (photographed) majesty with your own eyes:



After several long moments, the cold getting to us, we moved ourselves back to the car.  We managed to find the motel – thank the Lord – and we quickly settled in, all the while admiring the grand lake which spread out below us, just outside our windows.  The ordering of the room was frenzied, and it was not long before we grabbed our coats.  We were going out to the lake.


2 thoughts on “The start of our NZ road trip (feat. screaming at lakes)

  1. Oh your post is making me miss NZ so much. Lake Tekapo was also the first lake that we saw in NZ and so I totally understand you. My family was also screaming in the car with “Oh my gosh! Look at that!” We ran out of superlatives to describe the beauty of the place. 🙂

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