The briefest of stop-overs in Dresden

On our way from Vienna to Berlin, our Topdeck tour stopped at Dresden for about an hour to stretch our legs and have something to eat.  It was grey and dreary as we entered the German city, and then it began to sprinkle just as we got off the bus.

We all walked along the River Marien towards the city centre, stopping quickly at Curry 24 to grab a bite to eat before being released to ‘run wild’ in the city until the bus departure.

My roommate and I decided to go for a walk around the city to take in as much of the sights as we could before our fast-approaching departure.

Dresden is an architecturally beautiful city, but the thick clouds made for an awful backdrop.  Combined with black staining of the sandstone of  which many of the buildings are made, the city had a sad quality to it as we walked through the streets in the increasingly heavy rain.

Our first stop on our brief walking tour was the Dresdner Zwinger, a beautiful and historic building which now houses galleries.

the Zwinger

For a much nicer and sunnier photo of the grounds, please see here:

We then wandered across the road past the Hausmannsturm, the oldest surviving section of Dresden Castle, the rain started to get a lot heavier, so we ducked into a nearby Lindt Café to order a hot drink and warm up.  Our brief city tour was rained-out!

the perfect way to warm up

At Lindt, we were thankfully greeted by free chocolates, and as we sipped our warm hot chocolates, several other members of our tour, who were passing by, decided to join us and shelter from the rain.

On our way back to the bus, we swung past the Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes) mural, which was very impressive!

Fürstenzug (Procession of Princes)

What followed was a desperate rush back to the bus as it began to rain more vehemently than before.  When we clamoured back onto the bus, half of us were wet and uncomfortable, and very much looking forward to our arrival in Berlin!



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