Prague: A Brief City Guide

Prague was a dream!  I loved it!  Definitely a city which I want to revisit!  I was here for two days, and really enjoyed my time.

Here is a run down of what I got up to in this lovely city, and my top tips for those of you visiting!


Charles Bridge

Do yourself a favour and walk this bridge twice – once in the day, and once at sunset.  Both times will offer you completely different perspectives.

During the day, this bridge is packed with tourists bustling about, buskers playing awesome tunes, and people selling an array of drawings, jewellery, trinkets and artworks, as well as souvenirs.  The bridge offers nice views and is a really cool bustling place.  Take your time to take in the statues and the cool atmosphere of the bridge.

Australian busker on Charles Bridge

During sunset, the place is transformed.  Gone are the buskers and vendors.  The statues are silhouetted against the setting sun and the lights of the buildings on either side of the river sparkle.  It’s so romantic and gorgeous, and the atmosphere is something much more calming and serene than anything you will experience here in the day.  There are still loads of people, but it seems much more magical as night approaches.



Astronomical Clock

The 15th century Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square is quite beautiful!  It goes off at various points in the day, and people stand around and wait for it to chime.  It’s an impressive piece of machinery and is quite beautiful to see!

Interesting fact – the guy who made it was deliberately blinded once he had finished so that he couldn’t replicate it for anyone else.



Look out for the Towers of Prague, scattered throughout the city.  They are dark and imposing, but also majestic.  They used to mark a royal route through the city, and my understanding is that you can go up some of them and get a view of the city (the article below has more info on this).

one of the towers

For further information:


Prague Castle

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

The Prague castle complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the collection of buildings of various architectural designs – including Rosenberg Palace, Saint Vitus Cathedral and Saint George’s Basilica, among others – are impressive and colourful.


Saint Vitus Cathedral

The castle complex was lovely and walking though the grounds and by the beautiful buildings gives an insight into the history of the city.  The gardens were beautiful – I recommend going in summer, as there are many flowers and vibrant colours to brighten your walk.

Have a look at the views from the castle across the city – these are the best!  If you go down to the South Garden, there are some lovely balcony areas which offer lovely views and great photo opportunities.

There are also some cafes and eateries in the castle complex, and many more line the road back to Prague’s city centre.

To reach the castle, we caught the metro and then walked up through this terraced garden (the brochure that I sent you) which led up to the castle area.  You need to pay a little to get in (it’s fairly cheap) and through the garden itself isn’t amazing, the terraced section offers some nice views on the way up which are really cool!



Beer tasting

We went to a little brewery in Prague which was ultra cute!   It was called U Kunstatu, and they let us try all these different types of beer, e.g. pepper flavour, strawberry flavour, chocolate flavour.  It was quite an experience, and we learnt a bit about beer production too.  This would be a cool thing to look into if you have a spare afternoon – I’m sure there are many places that offer beer tasting/tours (all of Eastern Europe seems to love it’s beer, so you will find something)!

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