Less than 24 hours in Vienna

When I visited Vienna, I was there for less than a day!  As a result, I was only able to taste a small part of what the beautiful city has to offer, but I can still say that it is a gorgeous place and a must-visit for those travelling around Europe.

Here are my top three tips for Vienna, based on my swift visit to the historic city!


Schöbrunn Palace

Schöbrunn Palace is absolutely gorgeous.  The iconic yellow façade looks out over the grand square in front of the Palace and tourists mill about, taking in the grounds or wandering about the Palace itself.

Unfortunately, due to time constrictions, I was only able to walk around the building and gardens, rather than step inside the Palace, but it was really lovely.  The grounds are huge, and there is so much to see!  You can wander to the Gloriette right down the end of the back garden, which offers fantastic views of the garden and the Palace.  The gardens also offer lovely walks through manicured flowerbeds and rows of fruit trees, and there is a stunning greenhouse to one side of the grounds.  Other features of the garden include a vineyard, fountains, an obelisk and a botanical garden.

If you would like to find out more about the Palace and gardens, or even take a virtual tour of Schöbrunn Palace, you can find detailed information on the official site: https://www.schoenbrunn.at/en/.



You NEED to see an opera while you are here!  It is a rite of passage!  To visit Vienna without seeing an opera is to visit Rome without eating a pizza, or to visit Australia without stepping out onto a beach, or to go to England and skip London – you get the idea.

Vienna is renowned in the world of opera and there are many theatres at which performances are held.  My advice is to grab yourself a glass of champagne in the intermission – there’s nothing quite like standing outside on a nice balcony looking out over the sparkly night while you sip a glass of bubbly.


Bike it!

There are so many wonderful places to see in Vienna.  As I was there for less than a day, I wasn’t able to see much, but if I were to return, I would spend a good amount of time exploring the museums and lovely historical buildings located around the city.

In order to see as much as I could in a short amount of time, I cycled around Vienna’s city centre and stopped every now and then to take in the beautiful buildings around me.  There are hire bikes which you can easily rent at different points around the city.  It’s a great idea for those who have only a short amount of time to see the city and it allows you to experience Vienna from a more ‘local’ perspective.  That being said, beware of the odd crazy Austrian cyclist who may be possessive of the roads!

If you do cycle, also be aware that there are roads which are one-way bike lanes and roads which you aren’t allowed to cycle on, so just be wary to follow the signs and stick to the bike lanes!  Happy cycling!

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