Living in the Italian mountains

Imagine waking up to this:


This was my life for a couple days when I went to stay at the family home of a friend of mine.  They took me to their mountain house which was located in Val di Sella, just out of Trento in Italy’s north.

The valley is tucked away in the mountains which at a time were shifting hands between Italy and Austria.  Nowadays, the tranquility demonstrates nothing of the area’s turbulent past, with only some remnants of army outposts and soldiers’ lookouts hinting at the conflict of the past.

While I was here, I was able to appreciate a new aspect of Italy, away from the hustle and bustle of Rome and the flurry of activity of other major cities.  Tucked away in the cooler and more peaceful mountains, I glimpsed a completely different side of the country.  Here there were no grand monuments, no colourful beaches, no high-end fashion stores.  Here in Val di Sella was only calm and sunshine.


Each morning I awoke to gorgeous views and crisp air.  I was able to stroll through fields and forests and experience sunsets like this:

Having arrived in this idyllic place after a series of long train rides and movement from one city to another, I truly appreciated the chance to entirely unwind and simply sit and breathe.  And really, with views like these, who could complain at all?


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