6 things you must do on Hamilton Island

After our recent family holiday to Hamilton Island, I have comprised my top six things to do on the beautiful Hamilton Island.  Here they are, in no particular order!

Rent a buggy

Whether just for a joyride or as a form of transport during your stay, you cannot visit Hamilton Island without renting one of these babies.  They are the way to get around – all locals own these rechargeable vehicles and the island is covered in them.  Not only are they amazingly fun, but the fact that they are open-air leaves plenty of opportunity for lovely views.  Keep in mind that they can get chilly if it’s not a warm day!


Fly over the Great Barrier Reef

We flew with Hamilton Island Air and the one-hour round flight was absolutely stunning!  The staff were lovely and the views were spectacular.  There is nothing quite like looking out the window and seeing the sparkling Great Barrier Reef spread out below.  The pictures here speak for themselves:


Whitehaven Beach

Being in the midst of a grand cluster of islands offers you the opportunity to visit an array of gorgeous beaches and stunning landscapes, all within relatively close vicinity.  We jumped on a half-day cruise with Explore and it was a fantastic way to pass the morning!  The trip to Whitehaven was loads of fun, offering stunning views of the Whitsunday islands.  While short-lived, we had the chance to photograph and run across the lovely Whitehaven Beach and to appreciate its stunning (and very glare-y) white sand.


Cocktails (or mocktails)

Cocktails are everywhere Hamilton Island.  I mean EVERYWHERE.  These exotic beverages are more common than water, and you will find many of them poolside/beachside/with a view.


Sunset at One Tree Hill

This vantage point offers beautiful views of the sunset, and is a very popular spot for tourists to snap some impressive photos.  There is also a small bar here which serves cocktails (there is a theme here) and some nibbles, which make a lovely accompaniment to the sun show.


Sunrise over the ocean

The movement of the sun is one of the most impressive draw-cards to the island.  Just as the sunsets are gorgeous, the sunrises are spectacular.  There is nothing quite like beginning the day sipping a coffee while watching the sun gradually peek from behind the mountains and throw its bright orange glow over the water.


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