And I’m going back …

Yes.  I am hereby announcing it to the world.  Europe, I am coming!

This crazy gal, her wanderlust fed by adventurous family holidays and life-changing northern Italian exchanges, is going back to the land of gelato, sexy accents and rich history (i.e. Italy).  And not only!

I’ll also be hitting up London, Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, as much of Denmark as possible, various parts of Scotland, and (finally) Dubai.  That’s right – I’ll be getting around to 10 countries in seven weeks (and this includes all my visits to family and friends)!

I’ll aim to publish at least a couple blog posts while I am on the go, though the account which will be updated frequently will be my Instagram account (@littletraveller_bigtravels).  So if you want to see what I am up to, check out my Insta posts, and I will be sure to keep the Facebook page up to date as well.

Once I am settled after my trip, I will be sure to bombard you lovely people with even more tales of mishaps and adventures!

So until the next post, keep an eye out for those Insta posts, and happy travels!  xx

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