Swimming with dolphins in the Hawaiian sea

My family and I have now ventured into the beautiful Hawaiian paradise four times – needless to say, it has become a favourite family holiday destination.  We have seen and done so many things, but one of the best experiences to date remains the morning we spent with the Dolphin Excursions team!

We had to wake at an ungodly hour to be picked up from our hotel and driven in darkness to the western side of Oahu, to a small bay containing nothing much but a café and some boats.  I am not always the best at mornings, and this was definitely not the ideal start to my day.

Once we got into our gear and to the boat, it was a bit more exhilarating.  We piled on the boat and received the down-low of the geographical area and the types of marine life which we may encounter.  The all-female crew was bouncing with an energy which invigorated everyone.  Our first views as we pulled away from the jetty also indicated that our experience would make the early-morning alarms entirely worthwhile:

And so commenced our hunt for whales and dolphins!

Our first marine encounter that morning involved the breaching of whales and being serenaded by whale songs, which we were able to listen to using specialised microphones placed beneath the boat.  These were able to detect echolocation and then emit the sounds through speakers on the deck.

We were then greeted by these friendly guys, who were not at all afraid to get up close and say hello!  Over the course of the day, we would have seen about a hundred dolphins, jumping and playing in the water right near our boat.  Their grace and playfulness was phenomenal!

Our guides dropped us off twice so that we could jump in and have a swim in the vicinity of the spinner dolphins and sea turtles.  Turns out we were also swimming with little jellyfish – yours truly was stung twice by the microscopic buggers!  Though I really didn’t mind, and it did not in any way worsen my day – the mild pain only lasted about half an hour, and I was glad for the extra exciting element to my story!

The whole experience was absolutely amazing!  Swimming with spinner dolphins and sea turtles, whale watching, hearing the dolphins and whales – it was awesome!  I will be honest, we had a lucky morning and were later told that we saw more than what is seen on a normal day, but regardless the team were awesome and it was a fantastic way to pass the morning!

After exhausting ourselves out on the open ocean, we headed back to land to tuck into lunch (included in the tour) from Spinner Café.  Despite the fact that the small and tired building looked a little bit dodgy, the food was so good!  We sat on the porch with our burgers and juice, soaking in the sun as it dried the salty water on our skin.

As we were driven back to our hotel, most people dozed off, browned by the sun and drained by our day on the water.  It was an amazing experience and the team were brilliant!  This is definitely a must-do for all travellers to Oahu.

If you would like to recreate our unforgettable experience, check out Dolphin Excursions through the links below:
Website: www.dolphinexcursions.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dolphin-Excursions-Hawaii-112286505482548/?fref=ts

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