Shopping: the Italian beach edition

It’s more than a fad or a craze.  More than a phenomenon.  It’s a way of life, an essential experience.

It combines two great loves of many tourists and locals alike: shopping, and the beach!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I am talking about the unbelievable “shopping brought to you” experience which is involved in going to an Italian beach.


Image result for marocchini spiaggia

Image result for marocchini spiaggia

Yes, those are men in a portable stores/stalls on the beach.  These guys are EVERYWHERE.  In fact, an Italian beach is not an Italian beach if there is not some form of shore-side shopping available.

Notice my use of the word “shopping” – it’s a general noun, unspecified, vague.  And that is because, incredible as it seems, you can buy basically ANYTHING.

Bikinis?  Yup!

Bags?  Certainly!

Clothing?  Sure thing!

Alcohol?  Of course!  Even on a beach packed with children, we all need our Peronis and Cosmos, right?

Feast your eyes on this beauty below – to the left, a bar on wheels, brought to you as you lay in the summer sun, and to the right, in the distance, the smaller and sand-friendly version of an ice-cream van.


Imagine this at Bondi!

What a time to be alive!

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