A Summer’s Day in Nice

8 July, 2015

Nice is a city characterised by colour and beauty.  Aside from its amazing ocean-front location on the French Riviera, the city itself is absolutely stunning and you can’t help but feel as though the whole city is a perfectly bright and pastel movie set.

The drive along the Promenade des Anglais as we entered Nice was certainly one of the most memorable drives of the Topdeck tour.  And at the risk of presenting an array of cliches, yes the sun was shining, the ocean was shimmering and the excitement on the tour bus was tangible.

One of the first places I hit up was the gorgeous Parc de la Colline du Chateau, which is essentially a maze of pathways, gardens and waterfalls where the old citadel used to stand.  The area offers stunning views of both the ocean and the city below, which will look like this on a lovely summer’s morning:


The park offers gorgeous little finds at every turn, and many lovely secluded spots in which to repose and reflect, the tinkling of cascading water emanating from one of the waterfalls.


I also went for a lovely walk along the Promenade, stumbling across a sweet little train which offered rides through the city – which was a chance which, naturally, I jumped at!

the little train!
the little train!

Aside from the sea shore, which is densely populated at all times of the day, Nice offers an impressive range of relaxing spots and photographic opportunities.



Add to this the amazing weather with which we were blessed while we were in town, and the amazing sales in the stores, and the surreal experience of beach-side walks at 2am, our time in Nice – though brief – was absolutely wonderful!  Definitely a worthy stop on any French journey!

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