EXPO Milano

24 June, 2015

It just so happened that while I was studying in Pavia, the EXPO came to Milan and with discounted student tickets up for grabs, I couldn’t resist!  So I jumped on a train with an exchange friend from Germany, then waited in line for an hour in the sweltering sun, then we arrived at security and then – finally – we were through!

Waiting in the line!

The event site was incredible, an expanse of pavilions and colour and people.  It was pulsing with activity and life, the young and old mingling in their exploration of culture and innovation.  Just walking among the others, I felt like I was soaking in the excited atmosphere.

The theme for 2015 was “Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life” with a focus on sustainability and the pressing concern for producing and providing enough food for all.  Many of the pavilions offered exhibitions of nationally-specific agricultural methods or a unique understanding of food production.

Our day was filled with food, exhibitions, performances and wanderings.  In the end, I stayed for the entire day – from opening at 10:00am to closing at 11:00pm!  And what a day it was!

Chile was definitely one of our highlights!  As we neared the Chile pavilion, we noticed a sign advertising free wine tasting and were fortunate enough to enter just in time to snatch up the last two available spots!  And wasn’t the wine just divine!  We were about to taste four different wines from across Chile, and for the first time I was able to appreciate the history and the processes involved in the distillation of diverse wines.

There were dance performances in the Vietnam and Angola pavilions, which were both interactive and delightfully engaging.  Free seeds were available, to encourage growth and sustainability; there were music performances in various “countries”, numerous displays and exhibitions, and a tent containing a maze of mirrors.  There were even awesome food trucks and a food Ferris wheel:

Another exhibition which I particularly liked was the coffee area, filled with explanations of coffee production and exhibitions from smaller coffee-producing nations.  Also, there were some really cute coffee cups to play with!


I felt like a kid again, running from pavilion to pavilion, the EXPO spread out before me like a giant cultural theme park.  It was such a fun day!

Check out the photos below to see for yourselves the wonderful vibrancy of EXPO Milano 2015:

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