5 Simple Ways to Decorate a Room with Travel

Here is a quick down-low on five really simple ways which I decorated my room with things which I brought back from my semester abroad. They are really easy and quick ways to brighten the room and to capture a bit of that traveller spirit!

So here we go!

Number 1 – Ticket Shadowbox

If you’ve spent much time on Pintrest, you have probably come across one of these, and I think they are a fantastic idea! In my shadow box (from Typo), I have managed to combine my airline ticket, a map of the Tube, various train/bus tickets from both England and Italy, and my entry tickets to Stonehenge, the Cinque Terre trails and more. By adding a couple small rub-on stickers to the bottom right-hand corner of the frame, I added a subtle detail which nicely completes the travel theme.


Number 2 – Venetian Frame

Now this was one super easy! I used an old IKEA frame which my parents have had for about twenty years and cut a rectangle of black cardboard to use as my backing. Then I simply mounted two postcards which I purchased in Venice and there we go! I keep the frame on a small easel from a cheap craft store and it serves as a bright reminder of my weekend in Venice!


Number 3 – Photo (Window) Frame

For this one, you only need some string, mini pegs and lots of photos! Attaching the string to the top corners and centre of my window frame (I used Blutack, but you could use hooks or nails if you aren’t afraid of holes) I created two lines from which I could peg photos. And that’s pretty much as difficult as it gets – the hardest thing is choosing where to position your favourite snaps!



Number 4 – Bookshelf

I was inspired by a friend of mine, who has a photo wall in his lounge room. Not wanting to crowd my room too much, I adopted this awesome idea and applied it to my bookshelf, covering the side with photos. It also happens to be the first thing you see from the hallway, so everyone’s first glance of my room is a stack of beautiful photos! It’s an incredibly simple decorative idea, and once again, the only issue you could have is the photo placement!


Number 5 – Back of the Door

I also decorated the back of my door with drawings/cards made by my little cousins overseas, mixed with travel-inspired prints. I also put up a traditional Danish Easter game/card made for me by an exchange friend and a letter from one of my besties here in Aus. So my door has turned into a collage of memories of past adventures and aspirations for future travel!



Hope this gives you some ideas of how to change those small souvenirs into lovely decorations to inspire further travels!

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